Easy Fix for Xbox Music and syncing Zune Playlist on WP8

So, I ate the bullet and flashed GDR2+Amber on Lumia 920 using the French ROM. While there were parts, my heart skipped a bit….it went perfectly fine. I learned to be patient. Not ATT patient, just my kind patience.

I was able to restore everything from the backup prior to flashing, except the music. If you are like me and upgraded from WP7.X, you use Zune for media management. While it is not perfect, but it is the best software for managing playlist on WP8 still. Please read the full post before saying it’s not.

Microsoft did mess up in replacing Zune with an equally powerful software but we have to deal with the best tools at hand.


1.) Windows Phone Desktop App- http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/how-to/wp8/windows-phone-app-for-desktop

2.) Zune. Mine was pre-installed as I used it for playlist prior to Windows Phone 8. I prefer it still.-http://support.xbox.com/en-US/music-and-video/zune/software/download

3.) Lumia to connect to computer


Steps to take to sync playlist from Zune in Windows Desktop App

When I used Windows Phone desktop app to sync playlist, my playlist synced but I had zero songs on my phone. The reason, is my playlist had some missing items in Zune. Continue reading “Easy Fix for Xbox Music and syncing Zune Playlist on WP8”