Windows Phone 8.1–New Feature Revealed

A trusted source tipped me on an upcoming feature in Windows Phone 8.1 He mentioned that notification center hasn’t been implemented in the OS yet. Neither Cortana, Those are in active development and won’t be seen til it RTM’s. He DID however say that three other much wanted features are making their way to Windows Phone- VPN support, Screen-Mirroring(kind of like Nokia Beamer), Integrated Mobile Device Management for Enterprise.

VPN Support: This feature is a no-brainer; I am unsure how Microsoft can identify Windows Phone as enterprise-ready without this. Insanity like this is the reason why Windows Phone fails in enterprise.

Screen Mirroring: Blackberry when the announced the Z10, they touted this feature. I don’t the use case for this feature but it is good to have a full blow, screen mirroring feature baked right into the OS. I am sure, it is limited knowing Microsoft.

MDM: This one again is targeted for enterprise for easy upkeep and management of Windows Phone devices. I don’t know if Apple or Android offers something in this arena, but it will be breath of fresh air for IT support.


Which brings me to my point and to kind of put it in perspective about what Joe Belfiore quoted when Windows Phone 8 came out without notification center. He stated “They were running behind schedule for notification center to be added in current release” That was nearly 18 months ago. Features that are deeply engrained in competitors OS- Android and iOS. It is such an important feature, not only because it is essential but also because 97% of the people expect to having knowing the rest of the world is hooked on the mobile juggernauts. A feature like that should have made it to Windows Phone not long after Windows Phone 8 launched…and consumers shouldn’t have to wait for some major .1 release. Microsoft isn’t exactly leading. I said this before and will say it again. Android and iOS are moving targets, by the time Microsoft plugs the hole in Windows Phone with 8.1 release- Namely notification center and voice assistant. The other two would have had features in their next major version which will AGAIN make Windows Phone user wanting  more. Windows Phone has never leap-frogged Android and iOS and I feel it is high time the other two should be chasing Windows Phone in terms of feature.


Windows Phone 8.1 Screenshot Leaked with custom Background

A new leak image has surfaced for Windows Phone 8.1, a highly confidential release. It shows custom background on home screen and separate volume controls.

Also, what seem like a consistent status bar at top to accommodate notification center.



Stay tuned for more

Peeping through crystal ball- Windows 8.2 RT and Windows Phone

With the next version of RT and Windows Phone, I see them being tightly knit if not one. All the steps and cues in their current respective OS leads to the same. Let’s break it down.

  • Desktop tile disappeared in Windows 8.1 RT. Won’t be too long till the desktop completely disappears in RT. If desktop disappears, it automatically becomes Phone OS, except just not as powerful (traditional power users trace it back to command prompt).
  • Office apps from Windows Phone will be ported over to Windows 8.2 RT, which again means that need for desktop on RT is gone.
  • Windows phone and Windows RT are now put to the glaring similarity. Windows Phone will get Charms equivalent in next version(notification center) and by the subsequent version, I won’t be surprised if the OS are interchangeable. In it’s current iteration, Windows RT is a lot more powerful than Windows Phone, lack of apps aside. In future, I see Windows Phone getting replaced over Windows Phone.
  • It will take at least two iterations for both of those OS to mesh very tightly together. I think it is a win-win for both. Windows RT is the boat to ride.

Thoughts on Windows Phone 8.1 leaks


I know it is still early days. But, overall not much impressed with the WP 8.1 leaks. Following are the disappointing bits:

  • Notification center. It seems we are finally getting it but not in system-accessible manner but via a live-tile. This is sad. NC should be accessible from anywhere in the system only then it serves the purpose.


  • I hope the Quick Toggle settings for wi-fi, cellular, orientation makes it way. It is disheartening to see people complain about that being an issue after three year launch of the system. Honestly, I don’t know how to defend the lack thereof, coupled with notification center…which soon iOS will have it. Once again, Windows Phone comes in last. Now, with Nokia not on Microsoft’s back over getting features on-board….I am a little skeptical.
  • Multi-tile select?!? Please, We need folders. Again, both android and iOS has it for ages now.

Along with this, according to Wpcentral—An overhaul to the TellMe service is in the works under the codename ‘Cortana’ that should give Siri a run for its money and users will be able to sync their Accent colors between Windows Phone 8.1 and their desktop.

Windows Phone 8.1 “Blue” is on schedule for launch in early 2014, shortly after Windows Phone GDR3. All existing Windows Phone user can upgrade to the new OS from Redmond when it becomes available