Why Windows Phone 7 performs better than Windows Phone 8 on low end?

Recently, I bought a Lumia 520 as a low end device to replace my dad’s existing Windows Phone 7…as he complains App selection on his phone wasn’t great. It explains because Windows Phone 8 is growing and people are developing for that platform.

Enter Focus Flash 4g- http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Samsung-Focus-Flash_id6138

  • 1.4 GHZ processor, Snapdragon S2.  512 MB Ram, Windows Phone 7.

Enter Lumia 520-  http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Nokia-Lumia-520_id7745

  • 1.0 GHZ dual core processor, Snapdragon S4. 512 MB Ram, Windows Phone 8.


Windows Phone 7 performs better on a two year old device running on single core processor with 512 MB. Windows Phone 8 (update 3) in comparison, suffers dramatically performance wise with better processor and same amount of RAM. Lumia 520 is not that great a device as it is hyped up to be. In under 24-hours of using the device, Launching Whatsapp constantly freezed his device after. Similar tax never brought his OS to crawl on Focus Flash, running Windows Phone 7.

One thing Microsoft failed to address in Windows Phone 8 is efficient memory-use. It fails to even match its own effort in mobile. Windows Phone 7 is the supreme undisputed leader in low-end handset market. Other than app-selection, I don’t know why manufacturers use Windows Phone 8 over 7. Here is a picture from Build 2013 that backs my claim for Why Windows Phone 7.1 was and still is more efficient than Windows Phone 8 on low-end.


Fix for Live Tiles not working on Windows Phone 8

Everything was fine and dandy until one day, the live tiles stopped updating. I did many things to troubleshoot in trying to get it to work.


Things that didn’t work:

Soft reset (Volume down + power)

Unpinning app and repining.

Uninstalling and re-installing.


Thing that worked—in order:

Uninstall Facebook/beta.

Soft reset (Volume down + power)

Verify tiles working and then re-install Facebook/beta.

Using “Groups” in People hub on Windows Phone


Windows Phone was designed on the paradigm of hubs. When I think of hub, I think of channels or stations (junction) where everything “plugs” into. A surge protector, a network/switch hub would be an example. Windows Phone has many of these hubs- People, Music+Video, Games. etc. For Camera features, there is something called “Lenses” which-in a nutshell-is the same thing as a hub but functions a bit differently. For this post, I’ll focus mainly on the People hub and how I use it and what advantages it offers over using individual apps for each task on other platforms. People hub has Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn integration to keep tabs of friend’s activities from all your social network in one convenient place. People Hub on Windows Phone is the best example of how “friends” from different networks should be looked at. They are just friends. Not, friends from facebook, friends from twitter, friends from linkedIn—just friends. I mean that’s how we refer to them in real life. This in itself is an amazingly unique and incredibly useful characteristic  The one feature I absolutely love in People hub is the Groups feature.

The key to my Groups experience with People hub lies with Twitter.  Twitter is where I follow people with different interests, likes, needs, humor, expertise etc. I follow a vast variety of people on it ranging from actors to news to tech to travel etc. For the most efficient use of this feature, You HAVE to follow the right kind of people to get the desired results. I mean really. In the screenshot below, I have grouped a handful of people that provide me with funny updates all throughout the day. I called them “Tweeps”.   And then I have a group called “Best Friends” which keep me up-to-date on what my friends are doing from all social networks- regardless of them being on FB, twitter. To setup a new on, I click on the + icon in the bottom menu bar.

            WP_20130428 2

I pinned the group called Tweeps onto my start screen  by long pressing and “pin to start”. So now, they show live updates on my start screen without having to open the group. In the picture below, you can see how I get updated information from my “selected and trusted” group of friends to keep me posted on worldly matters or just plain humor, in my case.

WP_20130428 1

Insight:  This method can eliminate the need of any news app update(potentially google reader), sports app update, world matter, politics etc. This method updates the tile in intervals of 30 mins and is the most basic form of update but it gets the work done in the most easy and efficient way. It is also, in my testing, light on resources and battery and eliminates the need for third party apps in doing so.


Suggestion for other Groups:

  • News group- Get information on world, US news, breaking news by following the respective twitter handle.
  • Stocks group- Get information on stocks breaking out or doing well or not so well, again by following the handle that does the best job.
  • Family group- To keep tabs of people that you care about the most. Things they do on various social network.
  • Sports group- To see how a certain team is doing in NBA, NFL, hockey, cricket etc.
  • Celebrity group- To keep track of what your favorite role-models are doing or who recently joined rehab.
  • Technology group- To get recent information on what is happening in tech world. follow handles like techmeme, gizmodo, engadget etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post and put  Groups to its full use.

Windows Phone apps I use the most

Apps that  sums up the unique windows phone experience. Here is a list

Tiled to start and Most used:

People hub (check twitter feeds), email, IE9, Me tile ( for notification), WhatsApp (messaging), Music+video hub (music, podcast), KIK (for messaging), Alarms (to check if alarm is set), metrotube, Friends group feature, Pictures hub (for animated picture), imagewind, Pulse, Flashlight XT (without ads), easy timer, All recipe, Evernote (audio), Onenote (for notetaking), Eventful.

Glance and Go app pinned:

Weather channel (for live weather and radar) , UrbanDictionary (for daily word), Arkwords (for daily word), Groupon (for daily deal)

Not pinned but still used:

9gag (Most hilarious app), 4th & mayor (foursquare), twitter (for favorites), Tango

Pinned Games:

Words By post, Gravity Guy, Falling man, Skybox, square off Free, taptitude, Physi bricks, Galaxy Jet, stray Sperm, StarNinja, Cargo Crush, sleigh, Chicken story plus, wordament

Theme I am currently using

Red with Dark theme. (Teal with dark theme looks the best though)