Real Reason why Microsoft wanted to be Device and Services company.

No matter what they want to make their customer base/shareholder believe that vertical integration is being done to provide a good end-user experience, but the real reason I believe they are making their own hardware is because other companies don’t want to make good hardware for Microsoft. Microsoft’s support is dwindling.

When Microsoft bought Nokia, same thing happened. This was my first clue behind the reason I mentioned above. I am more than willing to bet that Nokia wanted to venture into other OS’es to make sure they stay afloat and in doing so, they would have treated Windows Phone just like every other OEM. Continue reading “Real Reason why Microsoft wanted to be Device and Services company.”

Is scaling-up Windows Phone to 7-8-inch Tablet the thing to do for Microsoft?

All of Windows RT and Pro tablets, including Surface, that I have seen are meant to be used in Landscape mode and not portrait. Microsoft, I don’t think, ever thought about how Windows 8 Pro/RT works in portrait.  And since, all 7-inch and 8-inch tablets are exclusively used in portrait mode, making the UI flow in portrait mode along with all the apps that are designed for landscape use, I don’t see Microsoft using Windows 8 Pro/RT.

I have held different tablet sizes. For anything bigger than 8-inch screen size, I always hold the tablet along the longer axis- horizontally in this case(Galaxy tab, iPad). For anything smaller than 8 inch, I almost exclusively use the tablet along the shorter axis- vertically (playbook, nextbook android).

Windows Phone, on the other hand, is only used in portrait mode and all the apps are designed likewise. For the smaller-screen-size tablet market, to compete with the likes of iPad mini and other army of cheap Android tablet, the Windows Phone OS makes more sense since it already has the apps designed for such an experience. Scaling up Windows Phone would be more realistic than scaling down Windows 8 pro/RT and to accommodate a whole new set of user interactions. Just my two cents