Peeping through crystal ball- Windows 8.2 RT and Windows Phone

With the next version of RT and Windows Phone, I see them being tightly knit if not one. All the steps and cues in their current respective OS leads to the same. Let’s break it down.

  • Desktop tile disappeared in Windows 8.1 RT. Won’t be too long till the desktop completely disappears in RT. If desktop disappears, it automatically becomes Phone OS, except just not as powerful (traditional power users trace it back to command prompt).
  • Office apps from Windows Phone will be ported over to Windows 8.2 RT, which again means that need for desktop on RT is gone.
  • Windows phone and Windows RT are now put to the glaring similarity. Windows Phone will get Charms equivalent in next version(notification center) and by the subsequent version, I won’t be surprised if the OS are interchangeable. In it’s current iteration, Windows RT is a lot more powerful than Windows Phone, lack of apps aside. In future, I see Windows Phone getting replaced over Windows Phone.
  • It will take at least two iterations for both of those OS to mesh very tightly together. I think it is a win-win for both. Windows RT is the boat to ride.

Glaring glitch in Windows 8.1 overlays modern uI on desktop…

I was messing around with solid color personalization on Windows desktop and I noticed a glitch, where if you use a color and before clicking “save” you hit the Windows Key on keyboard. I was able to see the desktop from modern UI. I was dumbfounded and thought it was feature. It almost look like I took a snapshot of the desktop and use that as mutual background, but I can assure you that isn’t what happened. I changed the color to something else and it didn’t show again. I wasn’t able to reproduce the glitch again, although to be honest I didn’t give it a fair try.

Look at the screenshot below:

Screenshot (1)

Asus T100 Transformer book- Windows 8.1

This one is a sleek looking device for only $349 for 32GB. A Surface competitor. 10.1’’ screen, based on the Quad-core Intel Bay Trail platform powering the upcoming long-awaited Windows 8.1. It’s dockable, meaning it couples as a tablet when detached from the base-keyboard. Nothing new here, but the price point at which it is coming will be interesting to see. Since, no one is doing this. Apple doesn’t do this. Windows is the only OS doing this hybrid devices where a full laptop/tablet experience can be had.

Asus T100