Standby battery stats for Surface RT

One thing I have heard people complain about the Surface is it’s battery life. So, I took it onto myself to do some real-world testing.

I let the Surface off Charger at 8:30 AM on 9/24/13 and at the time of this blog post it is approximately 8:30 AM on 9/27/13 with about 75% remaining.

That’s 72 hours with 3/4 of battery remaining. 3 days for 1/4 of battery usage; At this rate, I am guesstimating It will last for 12 days.

My usage is slim to none. Only thing I would do is turn the screen on to check the battery meter. I still get emails as  I am logged into my account. But, I don’t do anything on the device for the sole reason of testing the standby battery life.


Windows store growing 10 folds. Surface 2, Surface Pro Announced

A year ago, Windows store launched with 10,000 apps and now it is up to 100,000. Ten fold growth. Great opportunity for developers to capitalize on.

Facebook is coming later this year along with other high profile-apps. One of my favorite is Mint. Check out the picture below to see what all is already in the store and coming later.



New devices launched:

Surface 2- $449. Surface Pro- $849. Surface RT- $349(1st generation)


Surface mini will be priced at $249. Surface phone at $199.


With this Microsoft has effectively covered all price points ranging from $199 to $849 in under a year. Something that took Apple 7 years. Microsoft is a devices company indeed.

A case for Surface RT and Why it is better than anything out there.

I was skeptical about getting a supposedly “dead” horse or whatever the journalist claims. These journalist have no first hand experience with the device to come to that rash conclusion. Most of them have Apple and Google’s private parts deep in their rear for them to decide on a product without being biased or unfair. So here it goes, my thought on Surface RT.

I won’t go into hardware details, as the device is beautifully designed and there are no major deal-breakers other than maybe the charging, which is not a micro-USB, but it is magnetic…I guess a trade-off. Kickstand is cool, so is the micro-HDMI and a USB port. Yes, a USB on a tablet! Fathom that. It runs your existing mouse, keyboard, printer all of that. Windows really stands for supporting legacy. It truly excels at that. NO ONE mentions that upside. Continue reading “A case for Surface RT and Why it is better than anything out there.”