Why Windows Phone 7 performs better than Windows Phone 8 on low end?

Recently, I bought a Lumia 520 as a low end device to replace my dad’s existing Windows Phone 7…as he complains App selection on his phone wasn’t great. It explains because Windows Phone 8 is growing and people are developing for that platform.

Enter Focus Flash 4g- http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Samsung-Focus-Flash_id6138

  • 1.4 GHZ processor, Snapdragon S2.  512 MB Ram, Windows Phone 7.

Enter Lumia 520-  http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Nokia-Lumia-520_id7745

  • 1.0 GHZ dual core processor, Snapdragon S4. 512 MB Ram, Windows Phone 8.


Windows Phone 7 performs better on a two year old device running on single core processor with 512 MB. Windows Phone 8 (update 3) in comparison, suffers dramatically performance wise with better processor and same amount of RAM. Lumia 520 is not that great a device as it is hyped up to be. In under 24-hours of using the device, Launching Whatsapp constantly freezed his device after. Similar tax never brought his OS to crawl on Focus Flash, running Windows Phone 7.

One thing Microsoft failed to address in Windows Phone 8 is efficient memory-use. It fails to even match its own effort in mobile. Windows Phone 7 is the supreme undisputed leader in low-end handset market. Other than app-selection, I don’t know why manufacturers use Windows Phone 8 over 7. Here is a picture from Build 2013 that backs my claim for Why Windows Phone 7.1 was and still is more efficient than Windows Phone 8 on low-end.



Things wrong with Windows Phone-Microsoft/Nokia!

I have been an avid enthusiast of Windows Phone platform since the Windows Phone 7 platform, that is now discontinued. This brings me to problem numero uno. Leaving behind those users is/was a huuuuge mistake by Microsoft. I DO not know why a company would do that ever. I know the change in Kernel mumbo-jumbo, but Microsoft did pretty much the same thing it did with Windows Mobile Users. These disgruntled users flock to another platform—-NOT WINDOWS PHONE. Microsoft needs to drill this in their head asap. Discontinuing a platform, its app store, no more updates and constantly changing OS doesn’t give confident to developers. They don’t create apps and as a result app store doesn’t have quality first party apps and as a result the users don’t get the phones. Users do not know Windows Phone 8 is different. They look at it as that “crap” platform that was discontinued…with no major updates.

Problem number 2: Microsoft should not hold “exclusive” or “wanted” apps for a specific release dates…if it’s ready, release it. You aren’t exactly at the front and center of mobile app numbers that you feel like you should do special press release or OS release and make user wait. AGAIN, more disgruntled users.

Problem number 3: Updates. Need I say more. Windows Phone was supposed to be a platform that could update….but guess what Microsoft decided to pimp out those updates at the mercy of carriers who doesn’t give rat’s ass about updates after selling the phone. Microsoft should control this channel completely. Screw the carriers.

Problem number 4-Nokia: Exclusive models and variants. What is up with a model number for ATT and another one for Verizon and another one for t-mobile. 920, 928 and 925 respectively. That is so asynchronous. Why can’t one flagship launch? Lumia 920 on all the carriers. F*ck Carrier exclusivity if they don’t support updates. It also helps building brand or model recognition. Imagine S4 or I5 being released on different carriers with different names. A phone never gets popular since the variants are divided up….one phone never builds up recognition.

Problem number 5-Microsoft: Microsoft has already slowed down with the development of Windows Phone. And with Windows RT merging, I see the problem only getting worst. GDR’s are not exactly feature-packed  release and could never match Androids/iOS. Lumia Phones will, but Windows Phone with only GDR’s will never match feature parity until Windows Phone 8.1 But, by then Apple/Google would have moved on. Microsoft is shooting at a moving target and seems like they are always behind with their current philosophy. What gives? Are they really that oblivious?

Problem number 6: Exclusive apps. Dafuq. Again the ecosystem needs to grow and for that reason, you need everyone with equal access to all stores in the app and not just select few. Kinda shitty thing to do really. And then they wonder why the platform doesn’t grow. well, how would it if they purposefully cripple it.

Problem number 7: Letting carriers strip out features. Data sense in GDR2 is the glaring example of failed strategy. These features should never be allowed to be controlled by carriers. In developing world, these features are the single biggest selling point in markets. In India, I know this from experience, People get android because people can tether/internetshare/wifi-share etc. from their phone. Most carriers that carry Windows Phone take out features like Internet Sharing/Data sense. Once again, a stupid move by MS. This needs to be addressed as people flock to platforms that allow. In developing market, Windows Phone competes with Android only. Apple is a super-niche product….never a worthy competitor. Android gets users because, these features are so readily availbale. It is ridiculous and baffling when a friend/family asks for what phone to get and you have to add “caveats” and add points in a way that they would not get an android which they end up getting anyway because of this silly Microsoft bullsh*t. Sad to see a user go, after they love the phone but one thing they want to use wouldn’t be allowed.

FIX this Microsoft. If anyone at Redmond is reading this, if you are wondering why your devices aren’t selling well in markets like India, China etc. Because, people want those features and you don’t allow until you get in bed with Carriers. GET IT?

Awesome Windows Phone 8 Apps

Updated List of apps I used on regular basis on my Lumia 920:

Battery app by Arthur Semenov- App has lockscreen support and the live tile works on smallest tile size. I like saving space on start screen.

MetroTalk – One of the best apps I have used for Google Voice, including the official one from Google on Android.

XMBC remote free- To control my media center. Again the best XBMC app on any platform.

Whatsapp– To talk to people worldwide. It is a defacto messaging standard.

Mehdoh– Bes Twitter. It has realtime sync and is fully functional. Best thing though, I can long-press for context menu(add favorites)

Skydrive– For managing skydrive folders.

Weave– A news aggregator app. One of the best ones I have found. Supports live tile and a lot better than Phonely/feedly.

Bing News- Good app with realtime alerts. Newser is another one I like, but it uses more battery imo.

Craigslist+- Craigslist, as the name suggests

One Note- One of the most underrated app of All time. Of all time.

Rap Dialer- This app allows to search for contacts by numbers. Biggest selling reason for me. It has tons of other features.

Flight Status- Keeps track of your flight. With real time alert and background task support.

Fresh Paint- Elegantly designed app for photo manipulation and screen capture.

Vieather- Not as feature pack as other Weather Apps, but I love the feature where it refreshes every 8 hours and support smallest tile size.

Desi Music– For download latest Bollywood music. Offline capabilities.

Dhingana- Streams Hindi music. User generated playlist. very elegant.

My Stocks Portfolio- Perfect app to keep track of stocks. One of the best one I have found on any platform. Live preview

Total Fuel- Keeps of fuel usage for car. Live tile support

Film Closet- A really beautifully designed movie app. Not feature packed but I love the Live tile

Track My Life- Good app to keep track of your life and time spent. Stephen Elop used it when he flew back and forth from Redmond-Finland.

Problem with iPhone…

I was travelling for work over the past week. I wasn’t exactly baffled when I saw that everyone from the taxi ride to and fro from airport, the airport queues, waiting line, plane etc. are all flooded with Apple iPhone and I don’t just mean that. These phones vary from iPhone 3gs(maybe 3), iPhone 4/s, and some iPhone 5’s. There are so many iPhones in usage everyday. Very many….It is so hard to imagine what these people would be using if they weren’t using iPhone.

Although, I saw a few iPhone’s running iOS 7 within days of it launch. I am sure the next time I travel, the number will be a lot higher. Gets me to think how big of an influence Apple really is. Covering all these userbase has to be quite challenging for Apple in terms of feature selection, device selection etc. Either that of Apple puts out anything and crowd will buy it regardless. Don’t quite know exactly as the crowd wasn’t exactly iSheep crowd, perhaps they were but most of them were business oriented. Which brings me to reason the biggest problem with the iPhone; The biggest problem with the iPhone is that it isn’t really a problem for most. People seem to like and enjoy using it or like being oblivious—don’t quite know. But in any case, That is a huge challenge for competitors to overcome. All phones are compared to the de facto- iPhone. Samsung has about the same brand, but nowhere near the same loyalty. This poses the challenge for Windows Phone, Nokia and Microsoft. A market so well-established and controlled by Apple that is nearly impossible for them to penetrate the Apple user-base. And the problem is that people aren’t exactly unhappy with iPhone. People look for options when they are unsatisfied with their current option and that just doesn’t seem to be the case in Apple’s side.

On a more technical note, I have friends that think that Apple isn’t the industry standard and that it lacks innovation but they are tied into the Apple platform as they have made lot of app purchase from the app store that makes it difficult to carry over their apps to another platform. With Windows Phone, often times these apps have to be not only re-purchased but they are not even available with no hope in sight to know when they will get it. Can’t speak much for android as there is nothing appealing about the UI. I am sure there are lot of junk apps in Android Market.


So, there. The problem with iPhone is that People don’t have a hatred towards iPhone overall. Makes it difficult for Microsoft to compete with Apple in US. period. Price-point is the only reason, they are winning in emerging markets. The moment Apple makes cheaper phones, that market is dead too.