Why Windows Phone 7 performs better than Windows Phone 8 on low end?

Recently, I bought a Lumia 520 as a low end device to replace my dad’s existing Windows Phone 7…as he complains App selection on his phone wasn’t great. It explains because Windows Phone 8 is growing and people are developing for that platform.

Enter Focus Flash 4g- http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Samsung-Focus-Flash_id6138

  • 1.4 GHZ processor, Snapdragon S2.  512 MB Ram, Windows Phone 7.

Enter Lumia 520-  http://www.phonearena.com/phones/Nokia-Lumia-520_id7745

  • 1.0 GHZ dual core processor, Snapdragon S4. 512 MB Ram, Windows Phone 8.


Windows Phone 7 performs better on a two year old device running on single core processor with 512 MB. Windows Phone 8 (update 3) in comparison, suffers dramatically performance wise with better processor and same amount of RAM. Lumia 520 is not that great a device as it is hyped up to be. In under 24-hours of using the device, Launching Whatsapp constantly freezed his device after. Similar tax never brought his OS to crawl on Focus Flash, running Windows Phone 7.

One thing Microsoft failed to address in Windows Phone 8 is efficient memory-use. It fails to even match its own effort in mobile. Windows Phone 7 is the supreme undisputed leader in low-end handset market. Other than app-selection, I don’t know why manufacturers use Windows Phone 8 over 7. Here is a picture from Build 2013 that backs my claim for Why Windows Phone 7.1 was and still is more efficient than Windows Phone 8 on low-end.



No Service on Lumia 920 Phone. Fixed!

I would get a decent ATT or T-mobile coverage on my ATT branded Unlocked Lumia 920; However, every so often within interval of 30 minutes or an hour the cellular service would show “no service” for about 10 seconds and it will resume normal function after…. until the next no-service loop.

At first, I thought it was the “unapproved” rom that I flashed my phone(pre-amber) with but it is kinda odd if just the cellular(voice) connection keeps dropping. Note: My data is only turned on when I need it, at least on ATT. During my month-long T-mobile service it was always on and I loved it.

So after ruling out that the ROM isn’t an issue, I started thinking maybe the antenna was the culprit but I didn’t have much faith with Nokia Repairs in US. They hardly do their job, at times they made my phone “more” defective then before it went in…leaving the formatting and re-setting the phone aside…I concluded I didn’t wanna go through too much hassle.

Here are two things that finally fixed it:

  • Call your carrier and ask them to provision your imei number with your account. This is important because carriers provide best cell-connection to approved device only. One way for them to do is to have your IMEI register to network. If you swap phones often, this maybe the issue. You can find your IMEI by dialing *#06#.
  • Or if the previous doesn’t do the trick. Go to Phone dialer. Press ##3282#. Field test menu will open. Accept. And then click on the small three dots to access the settings. And make sure, you get the screen below


Preferred setting:

Polling frequency- You can set it to 9. It is the number of seconds phone waits to talk back to network if connection drops. Lower number causes more drain. My issue was fixed, so I bumped it up to 9.

Network Type- You can setting to automatic or choose 2g, 3g, 4g. If you choose anything other than automatic and want it to stick to it, click Toggle ENS Off.

And in order to save the setting, exit the field test app by clicking your back button until you get to home screen.

And together or the combination of the tricks, you should have a phone that doesn’t frequently drop connection and actually gets you more juice.

New Windows Phone 8 apps I can’t live without- December 2013

I won’t be too lengthy, just right to the meat. Here it goes:

6Tag– 3rd party Instagram client and possibly the most feature rich client on any platform. Better than Instagram Beta, official app. Must have.

6Sec– 3rd party Snapchat client. Again, there is no official snapchat client yet. This is too good. It replaces my previous post of “Swapchat” installation.

9gag–  My 9gag client. Awesome for killing time and some light mood enhancement.

App Folder– A Samsung app for organizing apps in folders. I had to use a “fiddler proxy” to install this. Not straightforward.

Auctionapp– Yes, This app is better than the official ebay app. It has real-time notification. Perfect

Baconit– Best reddit client. period. WPcentral claims otherwise, but I am starting to think writers there get compensated to promote.

Battery, by arthur semenov–  Best battery app in the store. It has quick shortcuts for orientation and other settings along with awesome battery stats.

Day Counter– This app is one of those productivity gem. It is a simple counter app to keep track of days but beautfully executed.

Dhingana– Best Hindi Music/radio app. This is better than Hungama; This has better audio quality imo.

Facebook beta– I like this app as it gets frequently updated and is the first one to get features. Flipside, it can be buggy sometimes cuz of beta tag.

Gimmalpoint– This was a shocker app. Best Sharepoint app on any platform. period.

Global TV– Streams live TV channels from around the world. A data intensive app but well worth it. Well executed.

Here Drive+, Here Maps, Here Transit– My go-to mapping solution for directions of all kind.

Learn on the Go– A third party coursera.com app for taking online classes for free. Also really good.

Metrotube– Best third party youtube client. Who needs official youtube app. pssh!

Mint.com– My new favorite finance tracking app. This app coupled with Mint for Windows 8, I hardly go to the website anymore.

Nimbuzz– An app for voip calls, although it is a ghost town there. Thanks to Whatsapp.

Nokia Camera– Best Camera app for tweaking intricate camera settings. Period

Nokia Refocus– This one is a surprise. Didn’t think I’d like it but it is a gem to use.

OneNote– Ultimate note taking app. Nothing else comes close. I mean nothing.

Skydrive– To manage files on skydrive, not a must-have but good to have app.

SysApp Pusher– This app is good for finding the hidden Nokia gems from the store.

Total Fuel– To keep track of my fuel and mileage. Highly recommended.

TouchTimer– This app has awesome voice integration to activate the times using Windows button. well done.

T-translator– Best translator app. It has real-time translation and voice. well executed.

Weave– Best news Aggregator. Better than Phonely, again recommended by biased WPcentral reviews.

Whatsapp– Really the only messaging app I use. It is not the best of any platform but video attachments and other features are coming sooon.

Xbmc remote free– Without this app, controlling my raspberry pi would be a royal pain the arse. This is the only remote I need.


I hope you like the list. I will be working on Windows 8.1 app list too sooo.

Please check back in future

Peeping through crystal ball- Windows 8.2 RT and Windows Phone

With the next version of RT and Windows Phone, I see them being tightly knit if not one. All the steps and cues in their current respective OS leads to the same. Let’s break it down.

  • Desktop tile disappeared in Windows 8.1 RT. Won’t be too long till the desktop completely disappears in RT. If desktop disappears, it automatically becomes Phone OS, except just not as powerful (traditional power users trace it back to command prompt).
  • Office apps from Windows Phone will be ported over to Windows 8.2 RT, which again means that need for desktop on RT is gone.
  • Windows phone and Windows RT are now put to the glaring similarity. Windows Phone will get Charms equivalent in next version(notification center) and by the subsequent version, I won’t be surprised if the OS are interchangeable. In it’s current iteration, Windows RT is a lot more powerful than Windows Phone, lack of apps aside. In future, I see Windows Phone getting replaced over Windows Phone.
  • It will take at least two iterations for both of those OS to mesh very tightly together. I think it is a win-win for both. Windows RT is the boat to ride.