A case for Surface RT and Why it is better than anything out there.

I was skeptical about getting a supposedly “dead” horse or whatever the journalist claims. These journalist have no first hand experience with the device to come to that rash conclusion. Most of them have Apple and Google’s private parts deep in their rear for them to decide on a product without being biased or unfair. So here it goes, my thought on Surface RT.

I won’t go into hardware details, as the device is beautifully designed and there are no major deal-breakers other than maybe the charging, which is not a micro-USB, but it is magnetic…I guess a trade-off. Kickstand is cool, so is the micro-HDMI and a USB port. Yes, a USB on a tablet! Fathom that. It runs your existing mouse, keyboard, printer all of that. Windows really stands for supporting legacy. It truly excels at that. NO ONE mentions that upside. Continue reading “A case for Surface RT and Why it is better than anything out there.”


Restore and Recover an iPad from iTunes!

So I ran into some trouble the other day trying to get into iPad because the person who uses the iPad forgot  her password. Trust me, this person wanted me to restore access to her iPad. It was done with good-will, I promise 😉 so use it for good-will.

It is not a hack by any stretch of imagination as restoring the iPad to factory setting will wipe all the data from the iPad and reset everything, so a User loses all the data. After digging around on the interweb, I found some sites that dealt with the issues but most of the top results in Google were spam and gave me irrelevant results. So much for being the King of search. C’mon Google! fix your Search first, then screw around with Android. 😛

Anyway, here is my report.

Problem: Can’t access the iPad. Locked with Passcode.


1.) Make sure the iPad is completely turned off by holding the “hold” button for five seconds. A message will pop-up showing “slide to power off”. Please do so.

2.) Have iTunes running and connect the iPad to the computer and while connecting hold down the home button for ten seconds.

3.) iTunes will prompt asking to launch the iPad in recovery mode, follow the prompt and hit OK (This will launch recovery or DFU mode)

4.) if you have used the iPad on that machine before you can do restore and setup from the backup made before the passcode was set.

5.) In my case, It wasn’t use on the computer before so I set it up as a new device and it worked.

I had the iPad working without the passcode, because the lady was ok with losing her data on it. If you have data, I would recommend restoring it from a backup. This method works for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch etc)

Anyway, I hope Google bumps this post up so that people searching for similar information get this result than other Crap-ware in the listing. cheap shot? I know.

p.s. I will never have an iPad because I have the iPad Nano i.e. iPod touch. Beside, I don’t have a pocket, that could fit  a 10” device, to make it a viable mobile alternative.