Problem with iPhone…

I was travelling for work over the past week. I wasn’t exactly baffled when I saw that everyone from the taxi ride to and fro from airport, the airport queues, waiting line, plane etc. are all flooded with Apple iPhone and I don’t just mean that. These phones vary from iPhone 3gs(maybe 3), iPhone 4/s, and some iPhone 5’s. There are so many iPhones in usage everyday. Very many….It is so hard to imagine what these people would be using if they weren’t using iPhone.

Although, I saw a few iPhone’s running iOS 7 within days of it launch. I am sure the next time I travel, the number will be a lot higher. Gets me to think how big of an influence Apple really is. Covering all these userbase has to be quite challenging for Apple in terms of feature selection, device selection etc. Either that of Apple puts out anything and crowd will buy it regardless. Don’t quite know exactly as the crowd wasn’t exactly iSheep crowd, perhaps they were but most of them were business oriented. Which brings me to reason the biggest problem with the iPhone; The biggest problem with the iPhone is that it isn’t really a problem for most. People seem to like and enjoy using it or like being oblivious—don’t quite know. But in any case, That is a huge challenge for competitors to overcome. All phones are compared to the de facto- iPhone. Samsung has about the same brand, but nowhere near the same loyalty. This poses the challenge for Windows Phone, Nokia and Microsoft. A market so well-established and controlled by Apple that is nearly impossible for them to penetrate the Apple user-base. And the problem is that people aren’t exactly unhappy with iPhone. People look for options when they are unsatisfied with their current option and that just doesn’t seem to be the case in Apple’s side.

On a more technical note, I have friends that think that Apple isn’t the industry standard and that it lacks innovation but they are tied into the Apple platform as they have made lot of app purchase from the app store that makes it difficult to carry over their apps to another platform. With Windows Phone, often times these apps have to be not only re-purchased but they are not even available with no hope in sight to know when they will get it. Can’t speak much for android as there is nothing appealing about the UI. I am sure there are lot of junk apps in Android Market.


So, there. The problem with iPhone is that People don’t have a hatred towards iPhone overall. Makes it difficult for Microsoft to compete with Apple in US. period. Price-point is the only reason, they are winning in emerging markets. The moment Apple makes cheaper phones, that market is dead too.


A case for Surface RT and Why it is better than anything out there.

I was skeptical about getting a supposedly “dead” horse or whatever the journalist claims. These journalist have no first hand experience with the device to come to that rash conclusion. Most of them have Apple and Google’s private parts deep in their rear for them to decide on a product without being biased or unfair. So here it goes, my thought on Surface RT.

I won’t go into hardware details, as the device is beautifully designed and there are no major deal-breakers other than maybe the charging, which is not a micro-USB, but it is magnetic…I guess a trade-off. Kickstand is cool, so is the micro-HDMI and a USB port. Yes, a USB on a tablet! Fathom that. It runs your existing mouse, keyboard, printer all of that. Windows really stands for supporting legacy. It truly excels at that. NO ONE mentions that upside. Continue reading “A case for Surface RT and Why it is better than anything out there.”

Windows Phone Mango greatness!

I have been rocking Windows Phone Mango for the last three days. Normally, you can’t install it unless you have a developer account with Microsoft. Even though, I do. I used the more preferred and probably easiest way to load Mango on my retail phone via Windows Phone hacker.

My experience with Mango:

I will not go into all the 500 new features that Mango brings to the table, because that would be a book-worthy topic. This is a blog post, get over it. Instead, I will write about what Mango offers that specifically pushes my button (Clean up your thoughts Smile with tongue out ).

The phone feels alive with all the cool animation of “tile-flips” on the start screen and going in and out of hub effects feels like doors that open and close. Overall, the phone feels lively, personal (with contents not widgets and stupid OS modification), and interactive with a sense of personality of its own. With everything that is going on in the OS, I am still able to pull 2 days without charge with 3g off, just wifi.

Windows Phone Mango

Continue reading “Windows Phone Mango greatness!”

iPhone 4G specs and features

It is that time of the year. (no, it’s not Christmas or st. Patrick’s; though, a beer sounds good right about NOW) Anywho, It’s the time of the year when the iPhone hype goes heywire. There is a lot of ho-hum, speculation, some insane prediction which makes you want to pull your hair from its root- obviously about the almighty iPhone. I decided to chime-in and propose my BS prediction about the iPhone, though I wouldn’t be surprise if most of mine comes true as they are logical and backed by some ADHD observation. Just kiddin.

Here it comes:

Breaking NEWS: Apple pulls a 3GS. Calls the new phone iPhone 4G. disappoints users. Antenna fixed sorta. Best Phone ever.  (The last phrase is an overstatement)

1.) iPhone 4G– Not iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 but iPhone 4G. 

2.) Since it will be named iPhone 4G, obviously it will have 4G/LTE/hspa+ support or whatever the elites like to call the 4G network, which is non-existent with AT&T but that is another topic for another day.

3.) Dual core A5 processor for twice the processing power to track your movements. Yes, It is absolutely required.

4.) Maybe a fingerprint recognition for easier tracking and usage again.

5.) Improved battery, better by about 5 minutes over the iPhone 4.

6.) Thinner and Faster. C’mon, has there ever been an Apple product that is NOT?

7.) MAGICAL? – Eff. yeah! Magical! NOT! (perhaps with “magical” tracking capabilities, yes)

8.) Antenna fixed- sorta! You still need to hold it right to avoid dropping calls.

9.) Finally will be able to make calls. Probably *Not*, but we can always hope.

10.) Best phone ever?- Perhaps not, But Apple will brag like they always do.

There it is.

If 7 out of 10 of my guesses come true, I am supreme. If not, I still am. So take that!

***Suggestion: Get a phone that doesn’t track you and respect your privacy. Like a phone without GPS or a company that values privacy like Windows Phone, if you want a smartphone.

*Consider reading my previous post if you are lost with my suggestion.