Google I/O 2013 theme: Be Evil

No doubt, there were some impressive set of announcements made to Chrome, Android and Web standards in general made at the Google Developer Conference. The real face of Google was unveiled by none other than its co-founder, Larry Page. Google has historically been very swift at hiding their “evil” strategies under a good product and that too with finesse. Think–Buzz, Google Street view, Wi-Fi spoofing, Android, Search etc. All of which are controversial and at its core carry the “Be Evil” mantra that the company spyingly publicize under the veils on “Don’t be Evil”.


Google called on Oracle and Microsoft for being leechers. Hypocrisy at it’s best. Android was a stolen idea, the platform development is based on Java which Oracle has the legal rights to. First, Google leeched off of Apple and then Google alienated Oracle and started using Java as the platform of choice to shape their mobile OS. Larry page claims that Oracle is after money. Now wait a minute, Who isn’t about money these days. If Google wasn’t about the money, why in the hell did they decide to backstab Apple to get into mobile. If Google wasn’t about the money, why would they slam useless ads in your face every time you launch Chrome or go to If Google wasn’t about the money, why would they read your email contents to “better” serve you with ads. If Google wasn’t about the money, why would they put Ads in all of their products. Ad is their one-trick pony and the primary driver for all things. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put ads in Self-driving cars or the stupid looking piece of crap, defamed Google Glass- that Robert Scoble  is so proud to wear in showers and take naked pictures of his junk while he struggles to reach his tool for pleasure, something that he hasn’t seen in years.  Seriously, why is Robert Scoble still a thing? Google choosing him for endorsement is ridiculous. Look at this guy- just ask yourself. I see this idiot and lose faith in humanity.


Standing like an idiot. No shame, no fame


Taking a picture of his junk; He is excited he finally found it.


Now, with the Microsoft-Youtube App-Google debacle. Larry Page said that “People like Microsoft” are dragging the web. Ok, Microsoft had it’s fair share of mishaps but the newer Microsoft is experienced and wiser- Not too say that they always make the best choice but still Microsoft from 1990 was lot different than Microsoft today. Page accused Microsoft of milking them and not interoperating. Wait what, Google is dumping android “software” in the market at crap-rate.  Software is Microsoft’s business. They know it- hell, they build a company and commercialized “paying for software”. Let’s dissect. Google restricted Microsoft or any other competitor from properly indexing the Youtube videos to make their search experience more hollistic. No competition- Hell yah ads and monopoly ftw! Microsoft asked and wanted Google to make the Youtube app but being the giant dick they are, they decided not to and ignored the request. So, Microsoft goes out and make the app anyway using public API’s and violated all the Google’s “Money-making” policy since Google doesn’t really care about money—ehh! wrong!! Google sends a cease-and-desist letter to Microsoft asking them to pull the app because it doesn’t show ads. A company that is so for this thing called “interoperability” won’t make a decent Youtube app for the platform on request and then go after Microsoft for satisfying their customers. Google, if you really care about customers you would have been Ok with it but no you want your ad money. Yes, there is a thing wrong with the way Microsoft approached this but I fully support them and back them. Google is now the goliath and Microsoft is the underdog, in terms of market share at least.

To make this even, Microsoft should ban Google Chrome from running on any Windows platform. We’ll see who is the cry-baby then.  Below is the latest Microsoft ad, part of their scroogled campaign. It hits on some really important privacy issues with Google’s approach on everything. Worth a watch.


So this “Larry Page” notion of –Oracle is after money—and —Microsoft is not willing to co-operate is dragging the industry— is hypocritic and baseless. He is probably harvesting some really potent stuff in Googleplex’s backyard, where he goes smoke after his phone dies in the 12:01 PM because “he runs” his company from a mobile phone.

With that said, I can’t wait to see what stupid shit Robert Scoble pulls next. I hope Google never gets into wearable clothes business, he will never take it off and stink like Oedipus aka muff.