No Service on Lumia 920 Phone. Fixed!

I would get a decent ATT or T-mobile coverage on my ATT branded Unlocked Lumia 920; However, every so often within interval of 30 minutes or an hour the cellular service would show “no service” for about 10 seconds and it will resume normal function after…. until the next no-service loop.

At first, I thought it was the “unapproved” rom that I flashed my phone(pre-amber) with but it is kinda odd if just the cellular(voice) connection keeps dropping. Note: My data is only turned on when I need it, at least on ATT. During my month-long T-mobile service it was always on and I loved it.

So after ruling out that the ROM isn’t an issue, I started thinking maybe the antenna was the culprit but I didn’t have much faith with Nokia Repairs in US. They hardly do their job, at times they made my phone “more” defective then before it went in…leaving the formatting and re-setting the phone aside…I concluded I didn’t wanna go through too much hassle.

Here are two things that finally fixed it:

  • Call your carrier and ask them to provision your imei number with your account. This is important because carriers provide best cell-connection to approved device only. One way for them to do is to have your IMEI register to network. If you swap phones often, this maybe the issue. You can find your IMEI by dialing *#06#.
  • Or if the previous doesn’t do the trick. Go to Phone dialer. Press ##3282#. Field test menu will open. Accept. And then click on the small three dots to access the settings. And make sure, you get the screen below


Preferred setting:

Polling frequency- You can set it to 9. It is the number of seconds phone waits to talk back to network if connection drops. Lower number causes more drain. My issue was fixed, so I bumped it up to 9.

Network Type- You can setting to automatic or choose 2g, 3g, 4g. If you choose anything other than automatic and want it to stick to it, click Toggle ENS Off.

And in order to save the setting, exit the field test app by clicking your back button until you get to home screen.

And together or the combination of the tricks, you should have a phone that doesn’t frequently drop connection and actually gets you more juice.

T-mobile service-Overview In Little Rock, AR!

For the past week, I have been using T-mobile extensively in the Little Rock metropolitan area. I am pleased to announce that for the most part, in Little Rock at least, the coverage has been phenomenal. 4g coverage with 17.16 down and 1.37 megs up(right). When compared with ATT’s coverage in the same location, ATT had 4.98 down and 6.71 meg down(left). Both has it’s good and bad, but T-mobile isn’t the underdog by far stretch.


However, I live in outskirts of Little Rock. At my home in Alexander, AR I get edge service on T-mobile. ATT was 3g in the same location. With T-mobile, I can text and call still, but data however can be really slow. But, I have wi-fi at home at all times. Over the weekend, I took a trip to Dallas and I found out that T-mobile coverage is a little spotty on interstate I-30. The coverage dropped quite a bit with no coverage sign on my Lumia 920. For most part, the coverage was mostly edge and G and also it roamed on ATT’s network as there was a little triangle is status bar for about 30 minutes of my trip altogether. Once in Dallas and about 40 miles out of Dallas, It was a different story. Speeds were awesome and in some case even faster than ATT, which my friend had. T-mobile had decent 3g in all prominent places between Little Rock and Dallas.

I currently have the 500 MB + Unlimited text + talk for $50 a month. I paid 1.10 for a micro-sim starter kit from ATT.

The goal is to switch all four of my ATT lines which I pay for about $164 with employee discount. Of the four lines, only two of my lines has data (200 MB+200 text) and the rest are a family 1400 minutes that I had originally four years ago. We usually get rollover minutes but lately we have been eating into our rollover minutes.

If we switch to T-mobile for our mobile needs, it will be $100 for four lines. Period. That’s a saving of $64 a month. That’s 780$ a year. That is a year. It is CRAZZYY!

I’ll have to pay termination fee of $70 for one of my lines on ATT that is not due till May 2014. It will cover it in a month.

So, I will definitely update when the one month is up to see if we decide to go with T-mobile but I have to say for the most part I am very impressed!