Step by Step- Unlocking Windows Phone 7 to enable instant resume of apps!

I had some problem finding sites which would let me unlock a Windows Phone 7 device with ease. Some places would expect me to be advance and pull the hack out-of-the blue or talk mumbo jumbo about stuff that I don’t even know, not that I am not aware of it, but as a novice I wanted simpler instructions. This blog post is for the faint hearts who are brave enough to unlock their devices without losing any data, given that nothing goes wrong.

Unlocking a device is not illegal as it is technically called “developer unlocked” which is or could be used for application development paradigm. So, here it goes.

.Net 4 framework and Windows phone 7 SDK must be installed on the system first.

Download all the items from the link provided below:

Preparing your device to be developer unlocked (It would be better to turn the screen time-out setting to 5 mins (maximum) so the phone never goes into pin-locked mode) The procedure shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes anyway. If it does, tap the screen to prevent going into pin-lock mode to reset the screen-timeout timer.

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Small things that make Windows Phone 7 UX awesome!

By this time you should already know that I am kinda in love with the user experience that Windows phone 7 offers and it is not only because of the metro UI or that it is the one of a kind phone, but the attention to user details that has been put in the whole experience.

Following are the small things in WP7 that puts a smile on my face:

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Microsoft-Nokia Alliance and what it means?

Unless you live in a cave, You have probably heard of the new “strategic alliance” between Microsoft and Nokia. Earlier this week, the interweb was filled with utter chaos with, first the rumors of Microsoft/Nokia deal and then the actual deal following in days.

Nokia, Once the dominating dictator of the smartphone and feature phone world, has been a laggard in the smartphone sector as a result the likes of iPhone and flurry of Android device has been gaining on their turf. Symbian has been on rapid decline for almost two years, with no steadiness in sight. Developers are fleeing. Users are abandoning. No one likes it. Very few wants it only because of Nokia hardware. But, Hardware is just a car. Software is the polish of that car, the fit and finish which helps decide the ultimate buying experience for a user.

Nokia’s move to Windows Phone OS has created huge criticism/opinions on both sides of the fence. I am here to present mine.

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A blog post made entirely from Windows phone 7

This post was made entirely from the WordPress app that I downloaded from the Windows phone marketplace including the italized text as well as this dark bold text.
This app is truly an example of what the windows phone 7 platform is capable of doing in the earliest period of its existence.

Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone