I am a student studying at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, doing   Information Science.   I do part-time stocks with very little luck. Hope to do better in future though.


About this website:

The last two years has seen some incredible growth in the mobile arena with the likes of most major desktop and web companies trying their luck in the mobile with an effort to control the next computing paradigm i.e. mobile.

This site is designed to cover mobile news of all kind that are worth covering, not something that has been covered everywhere else. If that’s the case, it would be everything covered elsewhere and much more to differentiate. The primary focus of this one-man team site is to keep this site as up-to-date as possible on mobile. I will also blog about my recent projects on desktop front (very minimal), shortcomings that I overcame with hacks, stuff that i find interesting (promise you will too) and things worth sharing.

But, mostly the site will be reflection of my usage, views of current mobile platfroms some of which you might not agree with but I will try my best to shed some light from my point of view.