Windows Phone apps I use the most

Apps that  sums up the unique windows phone experience. Here is a list

Tiled to start and Most used:

People hub (check twitter feeds), email, IE9, Me tile ( for notification), WhatsApp (messaging), Music+video hub (music, podcast), KIK (for messaging), Alarms (to check if alarm is set), metrotube, Friends group feature, Pictures hub (for animated picture), imagewind, Pulse, Flashlight XT (without ads), easy timer, All recipe, Evernote (audio), Onenote (for notetaking), Eventful.

Glance and Go app pinned:

Weather channel (for live weather and radar) , UrbanDictionary (for daily word), Arkwords (for daily word), Groupon (for daily deal)

Not pinned but still used:

9gag (Most hilarious app), 4th & mayor (foursquare), twitter (for favorites), Tango

Pinned Games:

Words By post, Gravity Guy, Falling man, Skybox, square off Free, taptitude, Physi bricks, Galaxy Jet, stray Sperm, StarNinja, Cargo Crush, sleigh, Chicken story plus, wordament

Theme I am currently using

Red with Dark theme. (Teal with dark theme looks the best though)

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